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Lone Star Day Program

Lone Star Day Program is a Christ-centered organization in Tyler, Texas, dedicated to helping people with social, communication, and behavioral challenges develop the skills needed to reduce maladaptive behaviors. In every program Lone Star Day Program offers, our goal is to better facilitate participation within families and communities.

We are locally run and operated in the Tyler-Lindale area and contribute and give back to the local community. Contact us for more information and partnerships with your school, church, or organization.

Meet the Founders

Jeff and Kim Butler

Founder and owner of the company. Kim has centered the organization around principles of family and local support.

Applied Behavior Analysis and Lone Star

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence based approach to teaching new skills, increasing appropriate behaviors and decreasing problematic behaviors. ABA has been demonstrated to significantly reduce deficits characteristic of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). ABA therapy uses the science of behavior to identify procedures that are likely to be effective for specific individuals. Every child and adult learns in different ways and is motivated by different things. ABA evaluates the teaching approaches and motivating items and activities to ensure that the most effective strategies are used with each individual. Similarly, careful analysis of behavior, allows ABA providers to identify quickly when treatment approaches are not effective for an individual so that changes can be made quickly to ensure ineffective strategies are not continued. Our ABA interventions at Lonestar are specifically tailored to each individual that we serve. We use evidence-based procedures so that we can make lasting progress for our client's and help their families grow and learn together to achieve the highest level of independence and success.

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